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Classic Moving Container Truck with Satellite Tracking and Air-Ride

Classic Moving - Atlas Container Service - Just Like Having Your Own Moving Van

Classic Moving - Atlas Containers of various sizes for ultimate safety and security.

Just Like Having Your Own Moving Van

At Classic Moving, we understand that no two moves are exactly alike.  We know that each family has their own unique set of needs depending on personal circumstances.  In order to meet these needs, Classic offers a range of service options including our special domestic container service.  This method of transport is a complement to our traditional trailer van service.  Instead of potentially sharing space on a trailer, you have the exclusive use of your container(s)...just like having your own personal moving van!


In order to accomodate various size households, we offer containers in three different sizes.  We customize a configuration specifically for you, based on the amount of furniture and household possessions you have to be moved.  Your household belongings will be totally isolated from any other shipment for the ultimate in sanitation and security.  The only real limitation is grossly over-sized or over-long items which must be shipped separately on a conventional van.

Classic's container service can be an economical and expedient way to transport your household possessions.  Container service is especially helpful for those families who want delayed or expedited delivery.  It is particularly cost effective as an alternative to short term (30 days or less) storage requirements.  Your Classic Moving Consultant can discuss this service with you in detail to determine if it is right for you.


All Classic (Atlas) containers are constructed of fibreglass and reinforced steel to provide a clean, safe, weatherproof environment.

Each container is equipped with furniture pads and straps to cover and secure your goods during transit.  Doors have been design-engineered with tamperproof hardware for maximum security.  If you wish, your Classic agent will arrange for you to padlock and seal your own exclusive containers, to be opened by you at destination.

Specialized Personnel

Regardless of whether you choose conventional van or container service, you can be sure that all of your belongings are taken care of by qualified professionals.  If your choice is container service, a special team, trained in this mode of transportation will handle your goods with maximum efficiency and care.  Feel secure in the knowledged that our Classic team is working to make your move more enjoyable and worry free.

Air - Ride

To further protect your personal property while in transit, every Classic (Atlas) container trailer is equipped with air-ride suspension.  This ensures a smooth, even ride.  This special feature plus our experienced handling techniques have given us one of the lowest claims ratios in the industry.

Satellite Tracking

In an effort to further enhance the quality of service offer to our customers, Atlas Van Lines (Canada) Ltd. has equipped all our prime fleet units, including those that haul our container trailers, with a satellite tracking system.

This state-of-the-art technology provides two-way communication services as well as a vehicle location identifier to within one mile of it's exact position.

The on-board communication terminal allows our van operators to receive loading assignments, special instructions, changes to delivery schedules and other important messages.  Van Operators and Atlas agents can relay e-mail messages, access data from our mainframe computer system and keep in touch with each other as our Van Operators travel to their destinations.



Classic Moving's container service allows for flexibility in delivery dates.  Your shipment can be expedited

Storage In Transit

When your new home won't be ready or you cannot accept immediate delivery due to travel plans or other circumstances, the Classic Container Service may be the answer to your problems.

Shipments normally can remain in the containers for a period of up to 30 days.  If you require an extended period (up to 60 days), simply discuss this matter with your Classic moving consultant and they will attempt to obtain special authorization from the dispatch department.

You can rest assured that when this storage option is utilized, your belongings are kept in the original shipping container until delivered.  The seal and locks remain in place.  This approach minimizes any chance of damage or items being misplaced.  When you are ready to accept delivery, you should contact your Classic agent.  They will work with you to establish a convenient delivery schedule.  We would recommend that you provide as much notice as possible, especially during the summer months.


Atlas Container constructed of weatherproof fibreglass and reinforced steel.


Classic Moving - Providing experienced, trained personnel to assist with your container move.

Classic Moving - Air - Ride trucks provide safe, smooth rides to minimize damage and claims.

Atlas Van Lines Satellite Tracking  allows Classic Moving to be in complete control of your move.

Instant, complete and accurate information is made possible by this technology.  Tracking of a shipment can be done in real time... no more waiting for the Van Operator to call in to his dispatcher.  Unlike cell phones and pagers, the satellite system is never out of range and with our vehicle locator, the truck is never out of sight.


Classic Moving uses quality Atlas Van Lines containers for moving and short term storage.


Contact your Classic Moving Agent to book your Atlas Van Lines Container Service move.

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