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Packing, Crating & Wrapping

Highly trained professional packers using the proper materials to protect your possessions.

Classic Moving builds custom wooden crates to protect valuable antiques, chandeliers, and other fragile items.

The importance of trained packers and proper packing cannot be overstressed.  Our Classic Team of packers has the skill and knowledge but more importantly, they have the right materials to prepare your valuables for shipping. We recommend you allow us the opportunity of assisting you with your packing. Our Classic Team of professionals can pack in about one-fourth the time as they are trained in proper procedures. Our Professional Packing Team attend annual seminars to update themselves on the latest packing techniques

Our Classic Team of packers place mattresses, framed pictures and glass in special protective cartons. Clothing and drapery is carefully hung neatly in wardrobe cartons. They know exactly what supplies to use for each individual piece of your shipment.

Valuables such as antiques, chandeliers, marble tops and other delicate items may require custom wooden crates in order to ensure the maximum protection. Classic Moving & Storage Ltd. builds each crate to fit the item perfectly and also surrounds the article inside the crate with protective padding.


If you decide to pack yourself, we want to help all we can.  Classic Moving & Storage Ltd. has a complete range of cartons and materials specially designed for maximum protection.

Aerosols can’t be packed because they might leak in transit or even explode. Other non-shippable items include caustic drain cleaners and flammable liquids like gasoline, charcoal starter, paint thinner and propane tanks.

Poor packaging is the most common cause of breakage and loss during relocation.  Transporting fragile, delicate items and common household goods involves a lot more than simply tossing them into boxes. When you consider all the advantages and benefits of a professionally packed shipment, doesn’t it make sense to select the Classic Team?


Quality packing materials.

Dangerous goods - be sure you know what is safe to pack.

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